The next time you need to relax, visit My Red Fusion Spa to infuse your mind, body and soul through a massage and combine it with a hot cup of tea. We have state-of-the-art automated water massage equipment engineered to help you unwind and relax. This cutting-edge equipment may also help improve your circulation, invigorate your tired muscles, and decrease any tension you may feel throughout your body.

When you come to us, you’re choosing a spa that’s on the cutting edge of relaxation science. We offer:

  • Affordable massage rates
  • Multiple massage sessions
  • Affordable monthly memberships
  • Convenient hours of operation
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • A large selection of Teas & Pastries

My Red Fusion Spa is perfect for the busy individual on the go because we offer you a convenient way to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional massage but in a far shorter timeframe. Our automated equipment delivers the same relaxing muscle manipulations you’re used to from massage therapists. Visit or contact us to learn more.

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